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Craniosacral therapy, Touche of tenderness, Myofascial release

Shiatsu, Zen "massage" Rinsho, Meridian treatment, White Bear

Moxing, Cupping, Candle healing

Therapy with tibetian bowl (by resonance - of sound and touch)

Yoga (power, hatha, tantra, Yin Yoga Meridians), Breathing and meditation technics

Brain trainings (concentration, relaxation..), Soft skills, "Word therapy",

Diatery advice (macrobiotics), detoxication consultancy

Music Therapy, Sound Journey

                                  Individual approach

Please kindly find my professional service available at studios "ViaVital" , Radosť and "LotusJoga".   Or: enjoy therpy directly at Ur place (by agreement). For further information or to order directly the service you like - please, just go to "Kontakt" and contact me. Thank you.