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Craniosacral therapy, Myofascial release

Shiatsu, Zen "massage" Rinsho, Meridian treatment, White Bear

Moxing, Cupping, Candle healing

Therapy with tibetian bowl (by resonance - of sound and touch)

Yoga (basic, hatha, partner, therapy, power, tantra, healthy back / spine, Yin Yoga Meridians),

Breathing, Relaxation and meditation technics

Diatery advice (macrobiotics), detoxication consultancy

Music Therapy, Sound Journey

                                  Individual approach

Please kindly find my professional service available at studios "ViaVital" , centre Radosť and "LotusJoga".   Or: enjoy therpy directly at Ur place (by agreement). For further information or to order directly the service you like - please, just go to "Kontakt" and contact me. Thank you.