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Craniosacral therapy, Myofascial release

Shiatsu, Zen "massage" Rinsho, Meridian treatment, Foot massage

Moxing, Cupping, Candle healing

Tibetan bowl therapy (resonance - sound and touch)

Koncertné vystúpenie, Štúdiové nahrávanie, Hodiny huslí a spevu, Muzikoterapia, Cesta zvukom

Concert performance, Studio recording, Violin / voice lessons, Music therapy, Sound Journey

Yoga (Yin Yoga Meridians, Basic, Hatha, Gravid, Senior, Partner, Therapy, Power, Tantra, Healthy back)

Conscious Breathing, Relaxation and meditation technics

Diatery advice (macrobiotics), detoxication and fasting consultancy

Skupinové stretnutia, workshopy: cez odkaz tu alebo "Linky"

                                  Individual approach

Please kindly find my professional service available at centre Radosť (to orders via Contact). Or: enjoy your therapy directly at Ur place (by agreement, please provide your reservation via Contact). Thank you.